About Us

About Us

Seems a group of archers in the mid-1950's looked around for a place to shoot just bows and arrows. They found an old farm on Naamans Creek Road owned by Chas. Palmer and so it was that Penn Del was formed in Bethel Township, PA. The club leased the property in the beginning. Then, in 1959, they had the opportunity to buy the land, which with the help of 12 of the members putting up the amount needed, purchased the 51 acres now known as Penn Del Archers, a non-profit corporation. The 12 member's names are on the plaque at the club. They had shoots about twice a month, alternating with a neighboring archery club, Field & Stream, in Brookhaven, PA. Penn Del Archers practice field consisted of targets on berms of sand as backstops. The targets were animal pictures and National field targets. The club had around 100 members in those days, most shot barebow, recurves with no sights. Tournaments usually drew about 75 or so archers. There were only 5 women members who shot in those days. We have  a 3-D Animal target course,  NFAA field or Hunter rounds every third Sunday of the month, ALL YEAR. In May, June, July & August we have FITA & JOAD Outdoor Rounds.

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